Answered By: Nava Cohen -- PHSC
Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023     Views: 3089

When searching for a book in the library, use the PHSC library webpage.

Once you have found a book that you are interested in checking out, just write down the long string of letters and numbers that you see following the words "available at __________ campus." If the book is available as an e-book, then it won't have a long string of numbers. Instead it will have a link to click on that says, "available online." Remember to always check to make sure that your book is available and on the shelf, before you write down the call number and go searching through the library.

At academic (college) libraries the call number will usually begin with one or two letters of the alphabet. The reason for this is that academic libraries use the Library of Congress or LOC system to catalog and shelve the books. The letters represent a subject area, so many times one shelf location will have multiple books about a particular topic, all beginning with the same letters.

At public or school libraries, a different system is used. This system is called the Dewey Decimal system and the call number usually begins with a number using a decimal and ends with the abbreviation of the author's last name.