Answered By: Melanie Cooksey PHSC
Last Updated: May 21, 2020     Views: 2720

**Due to COVID-19 closures, at this time student ID cards are not being issued on campus in the library.  When this service becomes available again we will update with new information.**

You can get a PHSC student ID card at any campus library.  You will need your 8-digit student number and a government issued ID.  If you do not know your number, library staff can assist you in locating it in WISE.  Your Student I.D. is a photo ID, so you will have your picture taken. Your student ID is also your library card, and has both your student number and your library borrow ID number printed on the front of the card. Your PHSC student  ID does not expire. As long as you are a student at PHSC, it is your student ID and library card. You must be enrolled in classes for the semester to use the card services such as getting on the PHSC databases and checking out books.


The back of your ID has a debit strip that allows you to add money to your card for printing on campus.  Library staff will be glad to assist you in adding money to your card for printing or you can have money added to your card at any campus store.

If you already have a student ID, and have lost it, you may have to pay a $10.00 replacement fee. Students who need to have a new ID made when entering a medical program will receive a new ID at no charge.


The 14-digit barcode number is your ID number for logging into the Electronic databases.  Your default PIN is the two digit month and two digit day of your birthday.

Example:  If you were born on Sept. 20, 1985  your PIN is 0920.